What To Do on a Rainy Day?


Caught inside on a rainy day?  A cold wintry day?  Your child’s response:  ‘we have nothing to do.”

Why not make a BUSY BIN?  I read about this along time ago in a book called Parent Connection.  Here’s what you need:

1.  A bin of some type (crate, storage box, etc)

 2.  All kinds of creative and entertaining activities written on cards or papers and stored in the bin.

3.  An eager child wanting to do something fun and exciting.  He or she reaches in the bin and picks an activity.

Activity Ideas to put in your bin:

 Indoor Sandbox - but instead of sand, use rice, oatmeal or dried beans.  Add spoons, cups, plastic jars, etc, to fill, measure, scoop and pour.

Cookie Dough - make shapes, letters and numbers.

Finger paint - with pudding or yogurt.

Popcorn - pop the corn and then string to make a necklace or glue to paper in shapes, letters, etc

Masking Tape Roads - make roads on the floor and have fun with small cars.

Musical Instruments - fold a paper plate in half.  Fill with dried beans or rice.  Staple together.   You can even add ribbon for streamers.

Have fun!  Make memories!  The time goes by way too fast!

Posted by Dianne Wentworth at 3:39 PM
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