Use this form to get some quick feedback on areas of service in and through Colonial Heights.

What does it mean to give my time and talent? Find out here.

To begin serving, set up an appointment with one of our staff members as it relates to the following areas. Remember that opportunities vary greatly among areas of ministry...and that a minister might even help you find your place of service in other ministry areas.  

     Preschool (Babies - K5): Emily Barber
     Children (Grades 1-6): Barbara Brown
     Students (Grades 7-12): Ford Rigney
     College & Young Adults: Jerry Welch
     Single Adults: Jerry Welch
     Married Adults (Men & Women):  Jerry Welch
     Senior Adult Ministry: John Patterson
     Worship & Music: David Leonard
     Audio-Video-Lighting: David Leonard
     First Connection Greeters: Jerry Welch
     Missions: Kiley Ham
     Hearts of Compassion Orphan Care:  Jerry Welch


God has given us a great responsibility to provide for and protect those under our care. For that reason, we have many layers of security precautions that we use to best ensure the safety and security of minors as well as our leaders who work with minors.

Requirements for serving with Minors:

  1. Complete a Confidential Application (including references)
  2. Complete an online Personal Background Check (no cost to you) for a specific ministry position.
  3. Personal Interview with Ministry Leader (someone will contact you)
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Together, we glorify God by making disciples of all nations.