Every master of a craft uses tools.  When it comes to making disciples, Christians should constantly be on the lookout for new tools to add to their belts.  The following tools are designed to help you to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ as well as equip you to engage in the Great Commission lifestyle of making disciples.  

Bible Reading Plans

Reading plans provide a systematic way to approach reading the Bible.  There are literally hundreds of choices, however, the plans listed on this page provide a great assortment to get you into God's Word.

Bible Study Resources

Reading the Bible is a great first step, but the Word of God is a treasure to be sought.  These resources will help you learn how to study God's Word on a deeper level than reading alone.

Discipleship Books

These titles provide great insight into the Biblical topic of Discipleship.  If you have heard the term discipleship before, and aren't quite sure what it means for your life, these books will be a great place to start.

Discipleship Curriculum

One of the greatest stumbling blocks used to prevent someone from engaging in making disciples is the uncertainty of what to study together.  These resources provide a wide variety of studies to equip you to begin making disciples.

Missions/World Books

Part of becoming a disciple-maker is to have on your heart what Jesus has on His heart.  Jesus has the nations on His heart.  He came and died for the nations.  These resources will help broaden your horizon and understanding of the Great Commission.

Recommended Websites

This list of websites provides a wide variety of resources to assist you as a disciple-maker.

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