I have been thinking lately about investments - not that i am any kind of expert or the person from whom you’d take advice.  There are a few things i do know, however.  Investments require intentionality.  You have to decide that you will invest consistently and persistently and wisely.  Investments require sacrifice. Short-term thrills are often set aside in order to make the investments.  Investments also require great discipline as the desired end result drives current decision.  Best of all, investments, made well, reap benefits.  

The unpredictability of the global economy and the general state of affairs in our nation and world can sometimes cause a person to ask if making any kind of financial investment is safe or worth the time and trouble.  One often wonders if investments made today will even be enough for future needs and plans.

I have lived with a man for over 30 years who has spent each of those years showing me that there are investments to be made that reap far greater reward than any of us will ever see with the human eye.  I have watched my husband invite homeless men and women to live in our home and share equally with them all that he had to offer.  I have seen his patience with 9 foster children in our home. Over and over, i have seen him give all he had because the need of someone else was greater than his own.  He has always been willing to be the one who did without, not ever concerned about what it cost him; his eyes have always been on the real prize.

There are investments to be made today in this church, the community it serves, and the world it is reaching.  The investments will require intentionality, consistency and persistence on our part. They will require deep sacrifice and purposeful discipline on our part.

Teaching a child to love and follow Jesus with his whole heart; spending a vacation week at camp with kids or in Peru reaching out to a village of forgotten people; setting aside monies each payday for a family mission project - none are easy, once-and-done, kinds of things, but I am so certain that these kinds of investments made by a body of believers with the Kingdom of God in mind, are the ones that we can know for sure will have great and eternal benefits.  Certain enough to stake all I have to offer for His sake.

Making the right investments, the ones that change lives, will always begin with time spent with Jesus at His feet in Bible study, prayer, and quiet listening.  Ask Him to prepare your heart and life to be radically changed as He calls you to invest your whole being. Then please call any person on our staff and we will be so glad to pray with you as you determine to invest yourself in His Kingdom work.

Christ invested all He had.  His power in us can help us do the same.

Posted by Barbara Brown at 12:26 AM
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