What is Discipleship?

A huge part of growing in your relationship with Jesus begins with being discipled. What does it mean to be discipled?  The simplest way to explain this process is to consider the relationship between a parent and child. Children need care and instruction from their parents on the basics of life in order to function and survive.  It is the same with spiritual growth.  God will many times use more mature Christians to teach and train younger Christians how to walk with Him.  The process of learning from a more mature Christian is called discipleship.

Are you ready?

When you are being discipled by someone, they are making an investment. Disciple-makers are looking for lives that will give a great return on their investment.  There are certain characteristics that disciple-makers are looking for in potential disciples.  It has nothing to do with what you know or think you know.  It has everything to do with your character and humility. Dawson Trotman, founder of The Navigators, used the acronym F.A.T. to describe the ideal discipleship candidate.

Faithful - Are you prepared to make a commitment to this process? Will your relationship with the person who disciples you be a high priority in your life? 

Available - Are you in a season of life that will allow you to spend time with the person who is discipling you? Do you find that you are just too busy to be discipled? Your life must be available to the one discipling you in order for them to make their investment in you.

Teachable - Do you approach your understanding of the truth of God's Word from a place of humility or are you a know-it-all?  The life of a disciple is the life of a learner, and a teachable spirit is required.

I want to be discipled...now what?

If you are F.A.T. and recognize the importance of being discipled by a more mature Christian, there a few steps you can take to make this connection and begin this process.

Pray - Ask God to bring into your life the person that will disciple you.

Seek - Have your eyes open. Are there people around you in your church community who have a walk with Jesus that you admire and respect?

Act - Be proactive. Don't sit around waiting for someone to approach you. Once God gives you direction, approach the person and explain your desire to them.

Trust - It is God's will that you grow in your relationship with Him, and when you pray according to His will, He will certainly answer. (1 John 5:14)

For more information on being discipled, contact the Discipleship Ministry of Colonial Heights.

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